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Short Courses

The list of short courses currently on offer is below. I am constantly working on adding more courses, so if you can't find anything that catches your interest right now please message me - I might be able to create a course tailored to your needs! 🙂

For each course we will meet once a week for one 3-8 hour class depending on the course. Some courses are just one session, some are longer. Number of weeks will vary depending on the course. Most of my classes are run in small groups of 4 people for more effective learning. Click on the images below to read more information about each course.

Introduction to Leather Works

Zero Waste Boho Eco Printed Top From An Old T-Shirt

Gratitude Journal

Knitted Grandma Dishcloths – Introduction to Knitting

Intuitive crocheting – amigurumi toys

Dry Wool Felted Toys

Patternless harem style pants – zero waste clothes making

Intuitive macrame Family Tree wall hanging

Four Quilted Hot Pot Stands

Stitched memories rug from a pile of old clothes

Temari Ball

Square Box Unfolding Pouch

Singlade ball


Customised Fabric Doll

Ami the Doll

Lined Tote Bag