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Zero Waste Clothes Making – Kate Top



Time Frame: One 6-8 hour session. Sometimes it happens that some people are not able to complete their work on the same day. Don't worry if this happens to you - you will walk away with all the knowledge to finish this project at home. 

Please Note: This course can be run sufficiently only in a small group of only four people per group.

Suitability: Medium sewers. You need to be able to use sewing machine. My other courses for beginners are a great way to start! Children from 12 up can participate if they know sewing machine basics and their parents are willing to help them out a bit if needed. This can be a great family mother and daughters workshop (25% family discount)

Important: You will need to come with your own fabric. Bring any light to medium weigh cotton/viscose, viscose, silk/cotton or silk/viscose blend. I will provide you all the info on which fabrics are better and how much you need with your enrolment form. I will provide all other materials.

Skills to be learned: We will explore the topic of patternless clothes - how to create patterns without any knowledge of pattern making whatsoever! I will show you various techniques you can use to create basic clothes for yourself, we will look into patternless/zero waste clothes making throughout the history and in different cultures. 

Description: After exploring the theory of patternless clothes making, will cut and sew a beautiful loose top in your own size. I will teach you how to do calculations to customise the instructions to fit your shape. The top can be customised in many different ways - with loose sleeves and waist line or fitted with elastic or cuffs, it can also be made shorter or longer depending on your preferences.

Price: $250

CONTACT ME to enquire about enrolment possibility.