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Stitched memories rug from a pile of old clothes



Time Frame: The course will last roughly 8 weeks, sometimes longer depending on commitment and skill level. For 8 weeks we will be meeting and working together and after that you will be continuing at home. You are welcome to work at your own pace and finish earlier or later. You will have my full support and guidance throughout.

Suitability:  Beginners to medium sewers

Skills to be learned: We will start with basic fabric knowledge - types of fabrics, weaves and their use for clothing (unless you covered that from my other courses). I will take you through basic hand stitches and their uses. We will explore the topic of clothes recycling and what happens after you donate or throw away your clothes. I will show you multiple ways of up cycling your old clothes. Then we will create a small rag rug using your old clothes and hand stitching technique.

Description: We are who we are thanks to our experiences. They can be sad and traumatic, but also can be comforting, uplifting and filled with happiness. We don’t carry all our memories in a clear form around in our head all the time, but they’re there, lurking – all they need is a trigger to bring them out. And very often clothes are such triggers. With the help of clothes that belonged to you for quite a while happy memories can be re-visited and preserved.

Every piece of clothing has a memory. Memory of people holding, touching or wearing it, memory of their emotions. Memories make clothes become alive, making them more interesting, more relevant and imbued with meaning. Every individual that interacts with a a piece of clothing adds their own interpretation and meaning. The interlinking of these memories and views gives the garment a new identity, a “soul” almost, something that sums up the essence of it. Thus clothing cease to simply be a thing but become something of significance and often symbolise more than their inherent nature, and this is preserved over the years.

By throwing away our old clothes we throw away our precious memories… On this short course I offer you to preserve all your family's memories and "stitch" them into a "memory rug".

You will need to bring your own(or your relatives') old clothes to make the rug really personal. Any baby or kids clothes, old t-shirts, dresses, leggings, even socks are perfect for this project! If you don't have enough you might consider approaching a local op shop and ask them if they have any bags of clothing that they can't sell or just get a bunch of any old clothes from a local op shop. 

Price: As I run my business on PAY WHAT YOU CAN approach (read more about it and how it works here) you will have a choice how much you pay for the whole project depending on your financial situation and value you put into it. The minimum cost will cover material and tools I provide to you. The maximum will also pay for my work and time spent with you on the project based on 8 weeks length. If you are going through financial hardship but would really love to take on this course you are welcome to pay the minimum price at once or in small weekly payments. If you can afford to pay the full amount or more, either at once or by weekly payments this will allow me to earn a fair income and help those who cannot afford to pay full amount right now.

$5 - $200

CONTACT ME to enquire about enrolment possibility.


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