Singlade Ball


Time Frame: The course will last roughly 4 weeks, sometimes longer depending on commitment and skill level. For 4 weeks we will be meeting and working together and after that you will be continuing at home. You are welcome to work at your own pace and finish earlier or later. You will have my full support and guidance throughout. 

Suitability:  Beginners to medium sewers.

Skills to be learned: You will learn how to create a classic singlade ball using 100% wool yarn leftovers.

Description: We will create a small singlade ball (7-9cm in diameter) using 100% yarn and thread leftovers and scraps. What is singlade ball? This is a folk craft from Denmark and southern Sweden. Singlade is a Swedish word that has a couple meanings. The base of the verb is "singla," meaning to toss or fling. However in this case, the verb describes the embroidery technique used to stitch these balls. So, you "singla" a ball traditionally using yarn leftovers.

Price: As I run my business on PAY WHAT YOU CAN approach (read more about it and how it works here) you will have a choice how much you pay for the whole project depending on your financial situation and value you put into it. The minimum cost will cover material and tools I provide to you. The maximum will also pay for my work and time spent with you on the project based on 4 weeks length. If you are going through financial hardship but would really love to take on this course you are welcome to pay the minimum price at once or in small weekly payments. If you can afford to pay the full amount or more, either at once or by weekly payments this will allow me to earn a fair income and help those who cannot afford to pay full amount right now.

$25 - $100

CONTACT ME to enquire about enrolment possibility.


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