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Sewing classes


  • Learn important life skills
  • In friendly environment of small groups of four;
  • Be able to use the skills you have learnt to make and repair your clothes;
  • And create eco friendly handmade presents for your friends and family?


WASTE IS A DESIGN FLAW. I believe that as creators we are the first ones who are responsible for what we create and what impact our creations will make to the world around us. Any hand craft, and especially sewing, creates some sort of waste and involves a lot of materials being used. In my opinion understanding how the choice of materials and the waste created after the process would live in our environment long after the process of creation is as important as learning sewing skills as such. In fact, it is a great part of learning the skills of any craft.

At No Ordinary Crafts and Positive Sewing Classes (NO CraP Sewing Classes) I am determined to follow zero waste processes and responsible choice of materials I use at the classes. I want to take you on a long journey of learning how to create sustainably with our planet in mind. I will show you and teach you a whole lot of skills, techniques and crafts starting from basic hand and machine stitches, fabric knowledge and understanding and going through various useful and interesting crafts including but not limited to crocheting, knitting, clothes mending, lucet cord making, wool spinning, eco dyeing and more! It will be a project based learning in small groups of four with each project adding one or more useful skill or technique to your collection. The complexity of the project will depend on the age group (AGE GROUPS ARE 5-8 yo, 8-12 yo, teens and adults).

Apart from teaching you the skills I know I will give you the knowledge of how to differentiate between different types of materials, show you what materials I use, how to reuse just about anything from your waste pile and the difference between using recycled vs 100% natural materials for various projects and situations. I am determined to NOT create fast cheap things that will just add more waste into the world. Therefore all my projects are designed with slow quality making in mind. Most projects would take quite a few weeks to accomplish. So if you are after some quick learning these classes might not be for you.

I also offer a basic pattern making course mainly designed for late teens and adults that already have a good understanding of sewing techniques. The course includes understanding the body shape for clothes making, patternless clothes making, basics of zero waste pattern making and learning how to draft all your basic blocks to create your own patterns. It will be suitable for someone who wants to take their home sewing on the next level by starting to make their own patterns instead of depending on the ones that are available for sale. By the end of the course you will have all the main basic blocks created for your own shape and a basic understanding of how to modify them into the design you want.


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