I am happy to offer you a variety of UNIQUE HANDMADE ONE-OF-A-KIND PRODUCTS all lovingly crafted by myself. I am really passionate about sustainability and all my products are created using only recycled/upcycled, natural and/or biodegradable materials. When you place your order I wrap your item for shipping using second hand or recycled packaging by default. If you think you might need your order to be gift wrapped please select "gift wrapping" option at checkout!

This year I have decided to transition my business to work on “PAY WHAT YOU CAN” principle where I do not charge a certain amount of money for an item or service but instead let you choose how much you can and want to pay depending on your income and satisfaction with the product or service you received without any expectations from my side. My promise to you - No matter what you can afford to pay, I will always do the best quality job I can for you. I am also happy to give free advice and instructions on how to do it yourself if this is what you need. You can read more about it on MY PHILOSOPHY page.


At my online shop I have a price range for you to choose from - the minimum amount will cover postage and basic resources expenses, then it goes up to a certain amount. You choose what you can afford to pay. The lowest prices are for those who cannot afford to pay the full amount. If this is your situation - you are welcome to use this opportunity and give me what you can as soon as it comes from your heart. I will be grateful to you regardless of what you pay and you will still receive the same quality items or service. If you can afford to pay a bit more it will allow me to earn a fair income for my work and to continue supporting those who are going through hard times financially.


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I am based in Harkaway, Melbourne. You can drop me an email at vixecodesigns@pm.me

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