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Zero Waste hooded cape

Once you start working with zero waste patterns you get obsessed! I try to cut everything zero waste now. Now every time I succeed, but sometimes it is important at least to try.

I have this beautiful piece of fabric that I found at op shop a while ago. It has “Woven in the British Isles” certification badge. Well, I could not leave it! I was not sure back then how I am going to use it, but it certainly felt like finding a treasure that I had to take home! 🙂 Quick google search showed that this trademark was registered in September 1966. So I am guessing the fabric is about 40-60 years old.

In May this year I am going to a Medieval Festival at Kryal Castle and I thought that having a warm hooded cape will be a great bonus to my costume if the weather is not great. The fabric I have is perfect for it! The piece was 155 by 120cm (155 wide). Definitely not enough to cut hooded cape with the conventional method… And I though why not to try it zero waste? It might work.. It might not me 100% zero waste, but I hope very close to it.

I came up with a very simple design. Cut the cape, pit it together… So far so good. 🙂

I thought I have no option but to patchwork the hood from all the stripes I have left. I know they are on a different grain, but the fabric is rather thick and steady, so it still should work. And it will give an interesting texture to the hood as well. 🙂

And I did have some leftovers. Comparing to traditional patters cutting, this is definitely not 15% of the total fabric. I would say it might be about 5%, but it is my pure guess.


UPDATE: I wore this cape at a medieval festival at Kryal castle this week. It is certainly very comfortable and definitely very warm! I was so happy to have it on as the weather was really cold here. It is winter now in Victoria, Australia! 🙂

Medieval head wrap pattern can be downloaded here for a donation of your choice. You can also read more about the medieval kirtle I am wearing on my blog.




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