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Zero Waste Apron

What happens when I have friends coming for a creative day? We create together! 🙂

Recently I had a friend coming who wanted to do some eco printing. She also brought a piece of fabric with her with the intend to draft a pattern for an apron…

While we were waiting for the eco printed bundles to steam she was thinking over her apron, I was making a kumihimo braided shoulder strap for my new leather bag (yes, you will see all sorts of crafts in my house!). Then I suggested to my friend, “Let’s try to cut a zero waste apron!”

She spread her fabric on the table, we measured the piece. It was 110x115cm. 110cm on the straight grain. After a few manipulations we came up with the following layout.

While I was working on my kumihimo project, she cut and stitched the fabric together, pinned the pockets and here we go – zero waste apron came to life! 🙂

The apron on the video is still unfinished, my friend will have to complete this project at home as our time run out. 🙂 I will post the pictures of a finished apron if I ever manage to get hold of them! 🙂

If you ever attempt to recreate this apron, please keep in mind that depending on your height and body size you will need to adjust the apron's width, length and shoulder straps length. But I hope you get the rough idea how to cut your apron zero waste from this post. I hope it will inspire you to create mundfully!

Let me know if found this little post useful. 🙂

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