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Nyx Low Waste Leggings Pattern


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This pattern if for tight fitting leggings, that would be great to make out of 100% merino wool jersey for layering during cold winter months. However, you do not have to make them out of wool. You might probably want to use other good stretch jerseys to create a sport version of them. The idea for this pattern was inspired by zero waste leggings by Gemma Lloyd’s 2014 graduate collection “Elutheromania” featured in Zero Waste Fashion design book by Timo Rissanen and Holy McQuillan. To minimise the layers on the body I adapted the pattern. With my adaptations you will have small amount of fabric waste after you complete this project. If you want to aim for zero waste, you might want to use the original idea. I will discuss Gemma’s way of cutting at the end of this document.

SIZE RANGE: This document does not have paper pattern as such. Instead, I give you instructions how to cut the fabric to create the leggings in your individual size. And it could be any size you need!

FABRIC RECOMMENDATION: Any good stretch jersey fabric 150-155cm wide. Width is important! Your fabric has to have good cross stretch and be not too stretchy on the straight grain. I used 100% merino wool jersey 200gsm from

SIZE: This pattern is ONE SIZE to fit a person 155-165cm in height with hip circumference 90-100cm. IF YOU ARE TALLER OR YOUR HIPS ARE BIGGER please follow instructions in the document how to adjust the pattern to fit your body shape.

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Low waste leggings pattern


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