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Luna Zero Waste Skirt Pattern


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This pattern is for a beautiful, casual style skirt. If you follow the instructions you will create a biodegradable compostable garment utilising 100% of your fabric. Yes! You will have almost no unnecessary fabric scraps left after you’ve completed this project!

This process is called zero waste fashion design – it integrates pattern cutting into the design process. Although it is not really new and has been applied widely in historical garments (such as kimonos, for example) in modern days it was reinvented and pioneered by a group of designers including – Timo Rissanen, Holy McQuillan, Maya Stabel, Juian Roberts and others. With this pattern I am offering you to dive into the world of zero waste fashion at your home and join the growing numbers of sewers who favour this innovative method of making clothes!

SIZE RANGE: This document does not have paper pattern as such. I give you instructions and measurements how to cut the fabric to create the skirt in sizes 6-32 or you will have the option to draft in your individual size using your own measurements. And it could be any size you need including children and out of range sizes.

FABRIC RECOMMENDATION:Any woven 100% natural fabric you are comfortable to work with! I used 100% viscose to create my skirt. I do not recommend any stretchy fabrics for this design as the skirt will be too heavy and will not be comfortable to wear.

This skirt looks great paired with Kate Zero Waste Top

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