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On The Map Of The Dress – PART 2

It has bee 4 years since I created this dress... A lot of time and conceptual thinking went into it...

You can read more about the dress, inspiration behind it and what it was made of in PART 1 of this story HERE.

I have input all my creativity and sole into this project, I have learned a lot from it, and I feel that this dress has journeyed far enough with me. Now it is time for it to travel further...

I would like to give away this entire outfit including three sets of handmade jewellery pieces that come with it absolutely FREE.

Just as clothing in the past in both Indigenous and European cultures frequently passed down generations, so I feel it’s time for this garment to have a new owner. I would love to see it in a new location, perhaps even travel around Australia being photographed in different ecological environments.

If you think you can put it to good use – IT CAN IS YOURS! You can adopt it! You can read more details on how to do it in Issue 22 of Re:think Magazine! 🙂 You can have it for free as long as you love it and use it.

Why? Because I want to make this world a better place. Because I know that my creations are much better being used and the message they contain being spread visually. Because I believe that when I give something from my heart I will always get much more than what I give. True gratitude does not have a price tag. It has taken some time for me to come to this way of thinking. But I am absolutely sure that if someone can use this dress with all the heart - I am happy to give it away. And the story will be continued...


Photography: Yana Klein

Model: Tatevik Chachoian

Styling: Holly Chan

Make up: Celide Wolanski

Hair: Steph Munday

Jewellery: Viktoria Repka

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