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Can Wedding Dress Be Reused With Style?..

Wedding dress is a piece of art, wearable art... This is the dress a woman ideally wears only once and she wants it to be special, unique and a piece of art to wear and to impress everyone! BUT… Personally I hate creating these types of outfits that are worn once and then stay in the wardrobe taking space and accumulating dust… So I thought why not to try to come up with a wedding dress that… can be reused! Thus my ideas went flying…

I wanted to create a dress that can be used in a multiple way, a dress that can be changed and adapted in a snap. I used lots of clear plastic snaps to make the dress changeable. There is a base dress, nude in colour and tightly fit that has the snaps on it. And in a snap it can be transformed into a wedding dress or a honeymoon outfit! I took 1920s style as my inspiration and as a starting point for sketching, I really love that glamorous era. And besides, the wedding dress created in this style can always be worn again for parties and special occasions instead of accumulation dust in a wardrobe after the wedding day.

Would you wear it?..

 Please enjoy – Honeymoon with flowers and butterflies!




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