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Aboriginal motives inspired cotton sateen dress


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SIZE: 10 (To fit Breast = 95cm; Waist = 70cm; Hips = 95-98cm)

MATERIALS: 100% cotton sateen (excluding of trims), hand painted.

This is unique one of a kind garment designed and created by myself. It is made from high quality cotton sateen and hand painted with aboriginal Australian motives using special fabric paints. It has unusual neckline cut off detail, asymmetrical lines and circle features. All inside seams are finished with Hong Kong seam finish to make this outstanding dress look top end inside as well as outside.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Careful hand wash only, without rubbing the painted elements. Ironing must be done via a piece of lightweight cotton fabric. Do not iron the painted areas directly as this will destroy the design.


Cotton sateen dress inspired by traditional aboriginal paintings


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