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Creative Transformations

We are who we are thanks to our experiences. They can be sad and traumatic, but also can be comforting, uplifting and filled with happiness. We don’t carry all our memories in a clear form around in our head all the time, but they’re there, lurking – all they need is a trigger to bring them out. And very often clothes are such triggers. With the help of clothes that belonged to you for quite a while happy memories can be re-visited and preserved.

Every piece of clothing has a memory. Memory of people holding, touching or wearing it, memory of their emotions. Memories make clothes become alive, making them more interesting, more relevant and imbued with meaning. Every individual that interacts with a a piece of clothing adds their own interpretation and meaning. The interlinking of these memories and views gives the garment a new identity, a “soul” almost, something that sums up the essence of it. Thus clothing cease to simply be a thing but become something of significance and often symbolise more than their inherent nature, and this is preserved over the years.

By throwing away our old clothes we throw away our precious memories…

If you have a bunch of your kids clothes or a dress that you were wearing on a very special occasion but that doesn’t fit you any more and you don’t want to give it away, but at the same time can not wear it, why not to have it adjusted to your present shape or have it transformed it into another object that you can use thus preserving those happy memories associated with it? It can be a handbag, a lamp shade, a pillow or even a toy! Imagination is the limit!

See the gallery below for some examples of what can be done. I am based in Melbourne eastern suburbs and you are very welcome to visit my sewing studio to have a chat and discuss your options with a cup of organic herbal tea or maybe coffee with my handmade chocolates! Please contact me to arrange your appointment.

I am transitioning my business to work on “PAY WHAT YOU CAN” principle where I do not charge a certain amount of money for an item or service but instead let you choose how much you can and want to pay depending on your income and satisfaction with the product or service you received without any expectations from my side. My promise to you - No matter what you can afford to pay, I will always do the best quality job I can for you. I am also happy to give free advice and instructions on how to do it yourself if this is what you need!!

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