Reversible red/black outfit (skirt and a corset)


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MATERIALS: Hemp/silk fabric (60%/40%), recycled plastic folder boning, rPET Gutermann threads, 100% silk organza, sewing rubbish (tiny threads leftovers), 100% cotton gauze, metal (nickel free) grommets, polyester ribbons.

SIZE: 8 (Bust 90cm, Waist 65-70cm, Hips 90-95cm). PLEASE NOTE that this outfit will best suit figures with fuller bust area.


I can ship Australia wide and internationally.


The skirt and the top are made from one of the most sustainable and extremely beautiful hemp/silk satin and silk organza fabrics. I used recycled plastic folder to bone the corset and the Guterman thread made from recycled plastic bottles to assemble the outfit. Both pieces are reversible and can be worn separately with other garments. Red colour represents the Australian land we all inhabit and black plays tribute to the minority of aboriginal communities who have been living on this land for thousands of years. The shape of the outfit was inspired by tribal hip wraps of the traditional owners of the land and the intricate corsetry heritage of British empire.

On the map of the dress

This unique three in one dress is part of On The Map Of The Dress collection


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