Cats love Handbag


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MATERIALS: Organic and conventional 100% cotton fabric scraps and pieces, upcycled zippers.


This handbag is made entirely from industrial and home fabric offcuts and recycled materials including zipper. It was created as part of creative collaboration with APIWRAPS – a leader in beeswax wrap innovation. You can read more about it on my blog here.

As part of creative collaboration challenge I received half a kilo of tiny organic cotton designer fabric scraps to create beautiful things out of discarded industrial waste. This handbag is one of the products emerged from that project. I used 100% of the half a kilo received eventually! The main design is embroidered from organic cotton designer printed fabric scraps and a piece of recycled towel. Lining is 100% cotton in vibrant orange colour.

MEASUREMENTS: Width at zip line = 42cm; Height = 33cm; Width (at the bottom) = 34cm; Bottom width = 10cm

It will definitely make you stand out from the crowd!


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