From Day to Night

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Every woman had this dilemma of what to wear if you work during the day and have a party to attend in the evening when you have no time in between to run home and get changed! There are very simple ways to transform your outfit from day to night. My simple rule is – chose pieces that you love, dresses, skirts, trousers you feel good in, change the way you wear them and you are done!

Example №1:

Dress up something not really dressy for the evening. Here I have an example of dressing up a pair of rather casual trousers. To make them look smart simply change the top, add some stunning earrings, switch your shoes and a handbag and you will look fabulous for your party!

Example №2:

Dress down something really smart for the day. If you have a smart dress you would love to wear for your evening party, you can cover the top part by a casual jacket and a scarf of matching colour. With everyday handbag and shoes a smart dress with look rather casual. For the evening you would simply need to skip the jacket, switch the shoes and a bag, add beautiful matching earrings – now your dress is glamorous again!

Example №3:

Chose something that will look great either evening or day. I have this lovely cream dress; it can be perfectly worn day or night. What I do is simply change my accessories: shoes and handbag again would do the main trick. The matching jacket makes the dress look really smart while a simple jersey black top makes the whole outfit look rather casual. I don’t even change my jewellery – simple pearl studs will look great for any occasion!

Example №4:

Wear kitten hill shoes with your outfit. You don’t always need to change your shoes – kitten hill black patent leather pumps will look great for any occasion. This is another example of dressing down, this time I chose a really smart skirt. I chose a casual jumper of a matching colour for the day, or a stunning black silk top with fabric flowers decoration for the evening. Beautiful pearl jewellery and a small handbag will complete your evening attire.

Example №5:

Have a set of really glamorous jewellery in your handbag. A simple black and white office dress can be transformed into an evening wear by beautiful faux gold accessories set. High heal matching black and white shoes and a small handbag will complete the look.

Watching the current trends is good, but feeling comfortable in what you wear even if it’s not exactly of the latest fashion is much better and more important.  With some tips and tricks and just a few extra accessories in your bag you can transform your day outfit into beautiful evening attire. You don’t even need to do any extra shopping. If your wardrobe is thought through well and you have pieces that match one another you can simply make different combinations and have a new look every time. In the examples shown above I used the same shoes and bags for quite a few outfits. All the clothes are rather old; I haven’t bought anything extra for years.

Remember: our planet will survive us, but we are doubtfully to survive here if we keep dumping unwanted things into the landfill the way we do now. Combine what you have, stay ethical and think twice before you buy something new. You don’t need that new dress to look glamorous!


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